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Made to Save.

Get $15 when you spend $50 or get $5 when you spend $20 via prepaid VISA card by mail when you purchase products from the following brands:

  • Tide,
  • Gain,
  • Bounce,
  • Downy,
  • 9 Elements Laundry,
  • Bounty,
  • Charmin,
  • Cascade,
  • Dawn,
  • Gillette Shave,
  • L,
  • Venus,
  • Olay Body,
  • Olay Skin,
  • Crest Toothpaste,
  • Oral-B Power,
  • Vicks Sinex,
  • Pampers,
  • Herbal Essences,
  • Head & Shoulders,

Rebate excludes trial/travel size. Rebate applies to the price paid after any coupon or discount and before taxes have been applied. Offer valid for products purchased April 1, 2024 to June 30, 2024.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a UPC?UPC stands for Universal Product Code. Every product you purchase has this code. This UPC may be located on the back, bottom or side of your product packaging or wrapper.
Where do I find the UPC?The UPC is found on the product box or packaging. Be sure to include the entire 12-digit UPC for each eligible item when submitting your request. We strongly recommend that you keep copies of all your promotion materials, including a copy of the UPC from each product.
What should I do if UPC from the product purchased is not listed or accepted on the website?Please call 1-855-682-8305 or email to report any missing/invalid UPCs.
Can I use coupons/store rewards?For offers that require a minimum purchase amount, the qualifying purchase total is calculated BEFORE taxes and AFTER coupons and discounts (which includes manufacturer coupons and store coupons) are applied to the purchase price of each product.
Can I submit for more than one rebate on the same product?Promotions usually have a limit to the number of claims that can be submitted for each customer, household, or address. To find specific terms and conditions, or the limit of how many rebates are allowed for an offer, please check your rebate offer request form. Using additional addresses to qualify for more than the allowed number of rebates per household is prohibited and will disqualify you from the promotion.
Can I submit multiple receipts with multiple purchases?Check terms and conditions for specific terms for each rebate. EACH RECEIPT CAN ONLY BE SUBMITTED ONCE, regardless of the rebate. If the same receipt is used for more than one rebate (for this rebate or another P&G rebate), P&G will disregard all subsequent requests including the same receipt.
Can someone else in my home submit for this?Most offers are limited to one submission per household. Please check the offer terms and conditions.
I don’t have a printer. Can I mail without the form?Form requirement varies by offer. Please check the offer terms and conditions.
I’ve lost my receipt, what should I do?Please contact the retailer or distributor where the purchase was made and ask them to reprint a receipt for you. This process can be more easily facilitated if you’ve paid with a credit card and know the date of purchase. If you purchase your item(s) online, please return to that online retailer and locate a link to view your order details. Most sites will allow you to provide information to recall the order and print or download the purchase/delivery confirmation.
I purchased online and have no receipt, how do I redeem my rebate?Qualifying purchases made online usually have an emailed shipping/delivery confirmation validating your purchase date, item(s) ordered, amount invoiced and also have a packing slip included in the shipment. For online purchases, the shipping/delivery confirmation and packing slip are used as the sales receipt. Please provide both to validate your purchase when a receipt is requested.
I missed the postmark date for the promotion. Can I still submit my promotion request form?Promotions have specific terms that define the times during which they are valid. Regrettably, if the postmark/expiration date has passed for your promotion, you will not be eligible.
How long do I have to wait to get my rebate?If approved, your prepaid card will be shipped within 6 to 8 weeks of receipt of your submission.
How can I check the status of my rebate?Please call 1-855-682-8305 or email to check the status of your rebate.
Where can I use my prepaid card?Most prepaid cards have a network logo (Visa, MasterCard) and can be used anywhere that brand is accepted. Not redeemable as cash or usable at ATMs or gas pumps. Card expires 6 months from issuance.
When does my prepaid card expire?Prepaid cards expire 6 months after the issue date. A replacement card can be reissued up to an additional 180 days after expiration by calling Cardholder Customer Service at 1-800-522-7458.
How can I check the balance of my prepaid card?Go to to register your card and access your balance online. You may also contact customer service at 1-800-522-7458.